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Epic rap battles of historahhhhhhhhh! There is something amusing about the very concept of the Super Mario Bros rapping but I guess I have seen stranger things on the internet.

Anyway, enjoy this epic rap battle between The Super Mario Bros and The Wright Brothers!

Does anyone else notice a trend with Luigi and Orville’s mustaches? Same barber perhaps!


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Super Mario gets a mention in this really interesting video!

It seems that more and more studies are coming out these days that show video games can actually improve areas of your brain such as memory!

Sounds too good to be true right? Well there is certainly something to it but that doesn’t mean you should do nothing but play video games!

A side note for this video, the gamers mentioned that played Mario 64 were actually new to the game. Sadly if the game is no longer a challenge for you (as I suspect may be the case if you are reading this) then the benefits are lost. It’s all about keeping your brain active and having a healthy life balance!

Check out this awesome video and then go and play outside! (more…)

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A lot of you would have already seen the trailer released at E3 7 months ago for this new Mario Kart 8 game! Well, last month Nintendo released an official trailer for the game and it looks Awesome!

It’s still the classic, crazy, chaos that comes with the Mario Kart franchise but updated and modernized…and with more flying on hang gliders and driving on walls!

Keep an eye on the amazing looking new maps too! It looks like they have incorporated everything from planes, ruins and pirates to clouds, beanstalks and airships!

The trailer for the new Mario Kart 8 is only 2:12 long so what are you waiting for? Check it out now! (more…)

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Haha this is awesome! If you are a fan of Modding and super Mario bros then you will love this video!

Someone has taken the time to reskin GTA 4 with a Mario spin. Using 2 mods you can transform the game into some Mario fun! I couldn’t find the Go Kart mod or the Super Mario mod used in the vid but you can get a cool one here.

Something about Mario with an Bazooka makes me smile.

Awesome demo video too! Not sure about some of the commentary though…


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We have seen people pole dancing as Mario and Luigi, fancy dressing as the bros and now…well, now you can see people dressed as the Super Mario brothers performing some amazing Parkour stunts! This amazing clip not only features plumbers in uniform jumping and climbing amazing things, it also has included a bunch of Super Mario sound effects and even added in scenery and items from the game. Someone has some pretty good video editing skills that’s for sure!

goomba kick

Mario even kicks some Goombas!

Lucky for these guys they don’t lose too much power when they lose their hats…

Anyway, enjoy this awesome clip! But remember kids, don’t try this at home! (more…)

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Most of you young hispters would be familiar with the tune “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, featuring T.L and Pharrell. I wasn’t personally (apparently I’m out of the popular music scene) but that doesn’t make this video any less cool to Mario fans! Check out this amazing Mario-fied version of Blurred Lines, complete with Goomba back up singers and a man dressed as Bowser rapping. Enjoy! (more…)

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Ever wondered how things would turn out if Mario’s eye’s strayed off from Peach during their high school years? It would probably turn into the beginnings of Super Smash Bros, as this video shows us!

This video is fantastic! I love videos where you can tell the creators are fan’s of the Mario franchise and with this one you can really tell. The subtle Mario backgrounds, the sounds, the costumes and the all around awesome added effects are sure to bring a smile to any Mario fans face!

Daisy: If you are ever in Australia feel free to drop us a message too ;) Sweet video after the jump! (more…)

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A friend showed me this amazing Jimmy Fallon clip and I had to add it up here on Bowser’s Blog. A viewer supposedly has written in complaining about a lack of lyrics in the Super Mario Bros theme and here is the rapping result.  The way it was set up I was expecting some pretty lame generic pop cultcha rap about Mario but boy does this guy nail it! You can tell Tariq is actually a Mario fan for sure.

Anyway, sit back and enjoy this remix of the Super Mario Bros theme! (more…)

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Wow, it still feels to me as if the Wii U is still some far off new console…I am behind the times, it’s almost been a year now that it has been released!

Lucky for us there are still some awesome new Mario games lined up for the Wii U as demonstrated by Nintendo at this months E3 gamers expo.

Check out new trailer videos for Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario kart 8 and even a new game called Super Luigi U just after the jump! (more…)

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I already know you are a Mario fan, but how about Ghostbusters?

James Farr sent me an email today sharing his incredible new animation that mashes together Super Mario Bros and the classic Ghostbusters! As James says on his site “This needed to exist” haha.

Check out the sneaky Mario subtleties after the jump in this 3:30 long cartoon…the music…the items…the Marioness…if this isn’t worthy of Mario Mayhem I don’t know what is!

This vid features details from all kinds of games including Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Super Mario World, Mario Party, Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Yoshi’s Island, Super Smash Bros., and even Sonic The Hedgehog makes an appearance!

I hear there might be a sequel brewing too…



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